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Disney’s ‘Not-at-All Secret Gay Agenda’

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It seems that some Disney executives have not understood that one of the key struggles going on in this country is the one parents face as they push to protect their children from the indoctrination of LGTBQ activists. People often resent the decisions of politicians but are not as active in pushing back against those bad policies. However, when it comes to children the issue is at a different cost, no parent will allow their child to be messed with.

In recent days we have seen several Disney executives talk about “exploring queer stories” and promoting trans, bisexual, and “gender nonconforming” characters—including plans aimed at making 50% of characters to be LGTBI and racial minorities. They’ve pushed a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda”, and oppose a Florida law protecting children from third grade on down from being hypersexualized with teachings about gender and sexual issues.

This is not about parties or respect for the sexual choices of individuals, as some activists mistakenly claim. Respecting each other’s lifestyles has nothing to do with telling a six- or seven-year-old boy that it’s okay to dress as a girl and that he can choose his gender. That’s why the complaints against Disney come from parents of all political parties and beliefs.

It is clear to any parent that many of the behaviors of children in their early years are shaped by imitation and by what they are taught by the adults around them. Putting children to see how the animated characters they admire change gender as if they were choosing a flavor of ice cream is a very dangerous and harmful matter. To all this, we must add the activism of recent years that has led to extreme situations such as allowing hormone therapy for children. What future does Disney want for our children? One in which they grow up confused, imitating their favorite characters, and wanting to undergo hormone therapy at the age of 15 which has no way back?

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