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Disney Exec Wants Characters to be 50% LGBTQ

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Disney Entertainment CEO Karey Burke said this week that at least 50 percent of the company’s characters should represent the LGBTQ community and racial minorities. Burke said her position stems from the fact that she is the mother of a transgender child and a pansexual child.

Burke’s proposal comes despite the fact that only 7.1% of Americans are part of the community, according to a study by Gallup. The survey highlighted that 86.3% of citizens say they are heterosexual.

The pollster explained that the results are based on 2021 aggregate data, which includes interviews with more than 12,000 American adults.

“I’m here as a leader as well. It got me thinking when I had conversations with my colleagues in open forums and I feel a responsibility to speak not only for myself, but also for them,” Burke said during a company meeting.

The comments follow Disney’s press release

The video went viral on social media after Disney released a statement criticizing the bill politically labeled by liberals as “Don’t Say Gay”, which was signed in Florida by Governor Ron DeSantis.

However, Gov. DeSantis said Tuesday that his office will make decisions in favor of the citizens and not because of what big companies decide. “We will never allow corporate influence to revoke the substantive rights of parents in our state,” DeSantis said during a press conference.

El American reviewed the legislation and confirms the bill is not an attack against the LGBT community, as the progressive media has claim, but an effort to give more weight to parents in the education of their children and curb the sexualization of children in the classroom.

El American’s Emmanuel Rondón says that according to the text of the legislation, “Florida school districts may not encourage classroom discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity at elementary school levels, or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students.”

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