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Border Crisis: Does Kamala Harris Actually Care?

Kamala Harris has failed, either through indifference, incompetence, or lack of support, to initiate any real plan to address the immigration crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris arrived at the White House like countless politicians before her: full of promises and administrative sketches difficult to materialize. In this respect, she has differed little from her male counterparts, those whose profusion brings so much discontent in her.

Harris had, from her early days, a daunting task that many of her partisans would have preferred to avoid: dealing with the immigration crisis that hits the southern border of the country. Such was the challenge President Biden placed on her shoulders.

The United States is no stranger to massive waves of migration. The foundations of this country were built and solidified thanks to the irreplaceable input of immigrants from a wide range of origins who, with hard work and a thirst for freedom, have turned it into the most prosperous nation in the world.

The problems in the south, however, are more complex. Between scams, unimaginable abuses, human smuggling, poor conditions and little control, this porous border is fertile ground for organized crime and impunity.

Migrant caravans are a relatively recent phenomenon. Initiated in 2018, these exoduses are characterized by their organization (migrants often share information on social networks, in which they arrange and establish the bases for the journey and eventual crossing) and the nationalities that constitute them (predominantly, they are individuals coming from the “northern triangle”, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras).

I don’t handle confidential information. I don’t run for office and as such, I have made no promises to the public who have placed their trust in me. Nor has the most powerful person in the world appointed me to be responsible for one of today’s most burning issues. But Kamala Harris is precisely all that, and it is convoluted, then, to understand why the vice president seems so reluctant to do anything about it.

Harris has not communicated with anyone in the administration of Alejandro Giammattei, president of Guatemala; nor with any officials of Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador (who went so far as to denounce this omission on Twitter).

How, therefore, does Harris intend to solve or at least address the immigration crisis? Does the vice president think that sending Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez every six months to cry in front of a camp dressed in pristine white (lest one forgets that she is “one of the good guys”) will solve the immense problem that is the responsibility of her administration? Does Harris believe that a minimalist “do not come” tour will do?  Does she imagine that such a brief, impromptu visit will be enough? Or does the vice president believe herself to be so powerful that she can dispense with a dialogue with her foreign counterparts?

Almost a year after taking office, Harris (daughter, by the way, of immigrants) doesn’t seem to care about the immigration crisis exploding in the South. Perhaps those children abandoned at the border don’t deserve to break the “glass ceiling” in the eyes of the vice president.

For now, the only thing that separates Harris from her partisans and predecessors is that, instead of a prostate, she was born with a uterus.

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