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DoJ Asks to Keep Text that Prompted Trump Raid Secret

Departamento de Justicia pide mantener secreto texto que motivó el allanamiento a Trump

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The DoJ asked the judge to keep secret the affidavit that justified the request to search the home of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021).

In a 13-page document addressed to the Florida judge handling the case, prosecutor Juan Antonio González requested that the document not be published because, according to him, it could alter the trajectory of the investigation, reveal present or future actions and undermine the ability of agents to obtain credible evidence or witnesses.

Trump used Truth Social to post a message calling for the immediate, unredacted release of the affidavit in the interest of transparency.

Trump called the search of his home an “assault,” said there is no way to justify it, and demanded the disqualification of the judge who ordered it.

The judge allowed the search warrant to be published last Friday, as both parties agreed.

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However, the warrant was issued by the judge, and what is now being requested was that the affidavit with which the Justice Department had justified the FBI’s search of Trump’s mansion should also be known.

As revealed by the court order last Friday, the search of Trump’s house on Monday last week was aimed at finding classified documents that the former president removed from the White House when he left power in 2021.

Among the documents seized were 26 boxes and several folders of documents and photos labeled top secret or confidential, one of them under the heading “President of France” and another on Roger Stone’s pardon request.

Last Friday, a group of Republican congressmen demanded that Attorney General Merrick Garland explain the alleged “national threat” that led to the raid.