Donald Trump: "Estoy con el pueblo cubano"

Donald Trump: ‘I Stand With the Cuban People’

The Republican also said that Joe Biden must confront the Castro regime

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Former President Donald Trump sent his support to Cubans who continue to protest against the regime. The Republican also said that Joe Biden should confront the Castro regime. Trump’s statements come in a context in which Cubans took to the streets this Sunday to demand freedom.

In that sense, he stressed that Cuban citizens deserve to live in a free country, where all human rights are respected.

“Joe Biden must stand up to the communist regime or history will remember him. Cuban people deserve freedom and human rights,” Trump said in a statement accessed by Newsmax.

On the other hand, Trump reproached that Biden has reversed the position of the Republican Government towards Cuba, which he described as “hard”. Similarly, he recalled that former President Barack Obama was soft on the regime.

Donald Trump on the Democrats’ stance

“Don’t forget that Biden and the Democrats campaigned to reverse my very tough stance on Cuba,” he noted.

He further added, “Remember when Obama attended baseball games with Castro while they were imprisoning, beating and killing the Cuban people.”

Donald Trump, El American
Donald Trump: “I stand with the Cuban people.”(Flickr)
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