Donald Trump to Launch Policy Institute to Promote ‘America First’ Ideology

America First Policy Institute is a non-profit group of 35 people. The intention is to promote the former President’s ideas

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Members of Donald Trump’s team launched a policy institute that he hopes will be a platform to promote his ideas, as reported by Axios. It is the America First Policy Institute (AFPI), a non-profit group made up of 35 people who were part of the former president’s administration, with a budget of 20 million dollars for the first year.

AFPI’s mission is to promote former President Trump’s policies. Two of the Republican’s main apprentices, whose names were not disclosed, told the media that this would be the largest external group in favor of Trump, besides the Save America machine itself.

The platform would be advised by Ivanka Trump and her husband, both part of Donald Trump’s team. (Image: EFE)

Donald Trump’s team on the board

According to sources, they will have a presence on Capitol Hill and aspire to become the symbol and representation of conservatism. “Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are informal advisors. The president and executive director is Brooke Rollins, a Texan who was head of Trump’s Domestic Policy Council,” the media outlet detailed.

It also reported that the chairman of the board is Linda McMahon, who was a member of Trump’s cabinet at the head of the Small Business Administration. The vice-president is Larry Kudlow, economic advisor to the former president.

But it is not the only platform in favor of conservative ideas. Last week, Mike Pence also announced the creation of a new political platform to promote these values. He also assured that it is necessary to promote ideas that defend freedom and defeat the radical left.

“Excited to launch @AmericanFreedom, an advocacy organization that will defend and build upon the successful policies of the Trump-Pence Administration. AAF will help defeat the Radical Left Agenda and Advance American Freedom for generations to come” Pence wrote.

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