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Eduardo Bolsonaro Met With Trump in New York

Eduardo Bolsonaro se reunió con Trump en Nueva York

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Brazilian Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of President Jair Bolsonaro, met this Monday in New York with former President Donald Trump, whom he invited to participate in a possible meeting of leaders of conservative parties in Brazil, as reported in his social networks.

“We are together in convergence of ideals and today I was able to exchange experiences with President Trump about Brazil and the United States,” said the Brazilian parliamentarian in a message he posted on his Twitter account along with photographs in which he appears with his wife and daughter next to the former president.

“I took the opportunity to invite him to visit our country when he considers it convenient and, who knows, participate in a CPAC-Brazil,” added the deputy in reference to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a forum of right-wing parties of which he is one of the main promoters and which already had a first appointment in Brazil in 2019.

In another message about his meeting with Trump, Eduardo Bolsonaro, the most voted congressman in the history of Brazil (1.8 million votes in the 2018 elections), stressed that he will always stand by those who defend the family, private property, legitimate defense by firearms, religious freedom and all other natural freedoms.

“I stand beside those who do not bend to political correctness, I work in the fight against authoritarian regimes to prevent new wars. I stand beside men of impeccable reputation and moral authority to walk tall in the streets at any time,” added the son of the Brazilian president.

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