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In Fiery CPAC Speech, Eduardo Verástegui Says U.S. Must ‘Fight Child Sex Trafficking and Counteract’ Socialism

Eduardo Verástegui pide en CPAC "combatir la trata sexual infantil y contrarrestar la expansión del socialismo"

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Mexican actor Eduardo Verástegui, the Latino face of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held in Orlando, noted last Saturday that human trafficking is surpassing drug trafficking.

In his speech at the largest forum of conservatives in the country, the Mexican emphasized especially on “the regional humanitarian migratory crisis, the need to combat child sex trafficking and the urgency of counteracting the expansion of socialism” in Latin America.

“The human trafficking business has surpassed the drug trafficking business. In the last hour we have been talking, three children have disappeared in Mexico,” said Verástegui.

The 47-year-old Mexican is founder of the Viva Mexico Movement.

Verástegui, who participated in the panel “Can CPAC Save Latin America?” said that “the path to a strong democracy and a vibrant economy in Mexico is rooted in freedom.”

“To ensure that freedom lives and thrives, we must defend our nation’s sovereignty, the culture, and traditions of our people,” he added.

The president of the Viva Mexico Movement, which promotes greater organized participation of Mexicans in public actions and policies, recalled that two years ago he started the organization as a national conservative effort to defend freedom in his nation.

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