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El American Libre: ‘Georgia Election Reform Makes Fraud More Difficult’

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In the midst of the debate that has been generated around the new electoral law in Georgia, where disinformation has been the card used by the Democrats, Pablo Kleinman analyzes in El American Libre what’s behind the electoral reform in Georgia and the intention of the Democratic Party, which has coordinated its criticism of the new law to push for its repeal.

In his analysis, Kleinman affirmed that Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama have supported the boycott of the state’s economy being carried out by some companies, which have labeled the new law as “Jim Crow 2.0,”something that Kleinman considers false.

It is the first time that a president has joined a campaign of this type, he affirms and maintains that the reform is to make the electoral process more transparent and reliable.

The centerpiece of this reform was the establishment of new safeguards to prevent fraud, but this produced a furious reaction from the Democratic opposition. The Democrats, who have little political power in Georgia because they are unable to convince a majority of voters, are trying to apply all possible pressure on elected officials to undo the reform.

Pablo Kleinman

Election reform in Georgia sets new rules to elections in the state to allow for greater participation. (Image: Flickr)

MLB and electoral reform in Georgia

Kleinman recalled Major League Baseball’s (MLB) decision to move the 2021 All-Star game from Atlanta in response to the Georgia election law passed last week. He claimed it is part of the Democratic Party’s plan to prevent the law from being enforced.

“Biden called on businesses to push their political goals outside of the legitimate political system by boycotting Georgia. He is the first president in history to openly push for a boycott of a state over the implementation of legal measures that he simply does not like and that his party does not have the political power to reverse,” Kleinman highlighted.

Finally, he specified that the electoral reform is not intended to generate racism or discrimination, but, on the contrary, its objective is to generate confidence in Georgia’s electoral process and prevent fraud: “This is an extremely generous voting regime that enshrines practices that can contribute to security in general. The idea is not to restrict voting, but to make it more difficult for fraud to take place.”

The Republican-driven election law in Georgia imposes new rules on the electoral process. Among them, it establishes that citizens must present a photo ID in order to vote and standardizes the voting hours throughout the state, from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m., with the possibility for each county to extend it until 07:00 p.m.

Kleinman not only recalled the good, the bad and the ugly of Georgia’s new election law, he also had words for Republicans, who, he says, have been cowed by the media’s false narrative around this law and sent them a message, as the closing of the third episode of El American Libre:

“Republicans gentlement in Georgia, and wherever you are from, put on the gloves and keep your balance as long as you can, preferably, until you succeed in making the Democrats see that their only way to get what they want is to stop fighting dirty.”

Pablo Kleinman

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