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El American Libre: ‘Terrorists Have Returned to Their Obama-Era Behavior’

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In the last two weeks, the Middle East has been under constant bombardment between the State of Israel and the terrorist group Hamas. In view of the situation, Pablo Kleinman, in his space El American Libre, analyzes and explains the context in which this conflict is unfolding. He argues that attacking Israel and demanding that it not defend itself is essentially asking the Israelis to “let themselves be slaughtered like lambs”.

“Israel is now the only country on Earth that is expected to allow itself to be attacked. The only country that is expected to sit back and do absolutely nothing, while its citizens are being stoned in their cars or bombarded with lethal rockets.”

Likewise, Kleiman stressed that it is a lie that this is ethnic cleansing. On the contrary, he tells us, it is a case that has been in court for about half a century, in which hundreds of Arab families have not paid rent for decades for the land they occupy, which is why they were to be evicted.

“For leftist activists in America and Europe, who find Israel’s existence abhorrent, any effort it makes to defend its border is an affront to peace,” Kleinman said.

He also reminded us that what is happening in Palestine is mainly due to an internal situation in the face of President Mahmoud Abbas’ announcement to suspend elections. Abbas, whose term was for four years, has been in power since 2005.

“Much of the current instability is due to the Palestinian president’s announcement that he would cancel elections in the territories he controls. Democracy has disappeared from the Palestinian territories to such an extent that no Palestinian under the age of 34 has participated in elections.”

El American Libre
El American Libre analyzes the Gaza attacks (EFE)

Trump’s Middle East policies

Kleinman also reminded us of former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy efforts with the Middle East, which he called a “positive direction” to take.

“Joe Biden’s administration has returned with enormous and lethal enthusiasm to the pundits toward their theories and their failed approaches to the region. We have already seen increased Iranian aggression on American interests. And Islamist terrorist attacks,” he said.

However, he noted that it is not too late for the Biden team to correct its mistake, and it is also not too late to appreciate the human suffering that walking away from a successful policy in the Middle East and around the world has produced.

“When the Biden Administration announced that it would resume unconditional funding for the anti-Israel, terror-supporting Palestinian Authority, it almost certainly – in violation of American law – had to have known that Biden has returned to Barack Obama’s policy and the terrorists have returned to Obama-era behavior.”

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