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El American’s Newsletter—Exposing Mitt Romney’s ‘Bipartisan’ Antics

Mitt Romney - El American

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Although it was predictable, Mitt Romney stated that he would support Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court and the Republican backlash was not long in coming. In an age of culture war, Romney, the former Republican presidential candidate in 2012, is still trying to play politics as if we were in that year. The world has changed a lot.

Long gone are those years of grand consensuses to elect Supreme Court justices. Does Romney think he will win the support of America’s left or that they will loathe him a little less for his vote? It didn’t happen with his criticism of Trump or impeachment. It didn’t happen in his attempt at appeasement with Biden. 

What makes him think he’s standing up for conservative values by voting for a judge who can’t define what a woman is, who has a consistent record of low sentences for accused pedophiles and child pornographers, and who supports abortion up to 9 months?

Politics is becoming more and more black and white. These are times of choice. As the great Bob Dylan would say, “it may be the devil or it may be the Lord But you’re gonna have to serve somebody.”

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Edgar is political scientist and philosopher. He defends the Catholic intellectual tradition. Edgar writes about religion, ideology, culture, US politics, abortion, and the Supreme Court. Twitter: @edgarjbb_ // Edgar es politólogo y filósofo. Defiende la tradición intelectual católica. Edgar escribe sobre religión, ideología, cultura, política doméstica, aborto y la Corte Suprema. Twitter: @edgarjbb_

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