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Elon Musk to Host Saturday Night Live Despite Calls for Cancellation

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Elon Musk was announced a few days ago as the host of the next Saturday Night Live show, something which seems to have upset some people in show business and politics.

Last week it was announced that African-American billionaire Elon Musk —CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, among other companies—, would host the upcoming Saturday Night Live show on May 8, which would also feature Miley Cyrus as a musical guest.

Elon Musk’s choice hasn’t been well received by some, who have publicly spoken out against it. Among them, several members of the cast of comedians of Saturday Night Live itself, who have expressed their disagreement on social networks.

Thus, Bowen Young, who is one of the protagonists of the program since 2019, posted some Instagram stories complaining about the presence of Elon Musk on Saturday Night Live.

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Andrew Dismukes, a comedian newcomer to Saturday Night Live this season, has also reacted to the announcement, saying that he would not want to do comedy with a CEO. Another Saturday Night Live actress, Aidy Bryant, showed her disagreement when shortly after Elon Musk’s announcement, she retweeted a post by Bernie Sanders in which he lamented the “moral obscenity” that is the lack of wealth redistribution.

Also from Fortune magazine, there has been criticism of Elon Musk hosting an episode of a comedy show. According to an ex-worker and former Tesla union member, it is wrong for Elon Musk to participate in a TV show because he is the owner of the company with which he had union conflicts in the past.

In the face of rumors of a possible boycott by some of the show’s comedians, according to Page Six, Saturday Night Live’s official policy will be to not force cast members unhappy with Elon Musk’s presence to participate in the show.

Saturday Night Live has always been characterized by a left-wing political bias, and the reactions of several of the cast members seem to demonstrate these tendencies and highlight some of their inconsistencies.

Elon Musk to host Saturday Night Live, what’s the problem?

Apparently, the problem lies in the fact that Elon Musk is a billionaire capitalist businessman, which has sparked these criticisms inspired by the discourse of class struggle and inequality.

Curiously, Saturday Night Live has served as a springboard to fame for many comedians who have ended up becoming billionaires, but some seem to be against a billionaire as a comedian, accusing him of intrusiveness and that his companies pollute and exploit their workers.

It so happens that this is not the first time that Elon Musk has participated in television programs, especially humorous ones, as he has appeared in some of the most emblematic comedies of recent times, such as The Big Bang Theory, Rick and Morty, The Simpsons and South Park. However, that he has been chosen as host of Saturday Night Live, has offended several comedians of this program.

Recently, Elon Musk has been attacked by the American left after being skeptical of some of the anti-pandemic measures taken by the government, adding that he has no intention of getting vaccinated.

Some of Elon Musk’s statements mocking the woke culture in the past had already made him a target of the leftist cancellation culture, which now shows again its animosity towards Elon Musk, and tries to avoid his appearance on the show.

Barring any last minute snags, the Saturday Night Live show with Elon Musk as guest host will air on NBC next Saturday night, May 8.

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