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Musk Promises to Increase Childcare Benefits for Employees, Including One-Week Vacation for New Parents

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Elon Musk‘s companies will “significantly” increase childcare benefits for their employees as a way to help combat the “underpopulation crisis” that, in his estimation, poses the “biggest danger” humanity faces.

In a Twitter thread, Musk said he is doing his “best” to reverse the “collapse” in birth rates. When asked by a user on the platform for his opinion on those who don’t want to have children for financial reasons, the entrepreneur detailed some ways companies could incentivize the opposite.

“Kids are worth it if at all possible,” Musk responded. “I’m planning to increase childcare benefits at my companies significantly. Hopefully, other companies do same.”

Musk promotes big families

The owner of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and The Boring Company also announced that his charity, Musk Foundation, plans to make direct grants to expectant families.

According to its 2021 impact report, Tesla is offering up to $40,000 in coverage for fertility services, up to 16 weeks of paid family (maternal and paternal) leave, and up to $25,000 in “third-party reproduction services,” which includes surrogacy and egg and sperm donation.

In addition, the electric car giant provides up to 6 weeks of paid vacation to employees with more than one year with the company who become parents (either by adoption or conception) and up to one week to newer employees.

The world’s richest man believes that one of the reasons birth rates are declining is that “far too many people are under the illusion that Earth is overpopulated” when, in his view, the statistics point to a “population collapse.”

Elon Musk, who has 9 children, has been warning about the danger posed to humanity by a drastic decrease in population density, and has called on his followers to have “big families.”

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