'We come to the United States for freedom': Emma Jimenez, Founder of Red Liberty Media

‘We Come to America For Freedom’: Emma Jimenez, Founder of Red Liberty Media

In 2015, she obtained American citizenship and told us that this was one of the greatest honors and privileges in her life

At the Student Action Summit 2021, an event organized every year by Turning Point USA, our chief correspondent Anna Paulina Luna spoke with Emma Jimenez, founder of Red Liberty Media, an information platform dedicated to community journalism. Its goal, as the website explains, is to “inform and educate” with “transparency and clarity.”

Jimenez, who is originally from Lima, Peru, came to the United States when she was still a 2-year-old girl. In 2015, she obtained American citizenship and told us that this was one of the greatest honors and privileges in her life.

During the interview with Anna Paulina Luna, the Red Liberty Media director spoke about her father, whom she listed as an amazing American and the most patriotic she has ever met.

She said that thanks to him she feels a lot of love for the United States. When she was a teenager she asked her father why he loved the U.S. so much, as she did not understand such devotion at the time.

“I asked him once why do you love this country so much, this country that supposedly hates us? Why do you care about this country? Why do you have that flag hanging in our living room? And he said to me: this country gave me everything that my own country took from me, the least I can do is honor it. And what my father replied that day has stuck with me to this day,” Emma noted.

“This country has done a lot for me and my family, if it weren’t for the United States I would not have had the opportunity to go to college, to teach and to write a book. I owe everything not only to my parents for making the sacrifice. to migrate, but also to this country, for welcoming immigrants, like me,” added the Red Liberty Media founder.

Regarding the myth that immigrants should vote for Democrats, Emma said: “There is the question Hispanics and Latinos do not have to vote for the Democrats and that is fine, because our values do not align with those of the Democratic Party. We are conservative at heart, we are faithful and God fearing people, family is all for us.”

“Many of us fled communist and socialist countries due to government intervention (…) We come to the United States for freedom, the opportunity to live the American dream, through our own efforts we are taught to be hard-working, and we are not taught to take advantage of other countries,” Emma Jimenez emphasized.

This conversation is part of a series of interviews that El American staff conducted at the event organized by Turning Point USA. For more interviews and programs follow us on our YouTube channel.

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