Emma Jiménez: ‘Hispanic Values Are Conservative Values’

Born in Lima, Peru, and naturalized American in 2015, Emma moved to New Jersey with her family when she was just 3 years old and her first vote was in favor of Donald Trump in 2016

Emma Jimenez, Latina author and conservative activist, sat down for an interview with Anna Paulina Luna, chief correspondent for El American, to talk about her experience as an immigrant in the United States and her role as a social media influencer.

Born in Lima, Peru, and naturalized American since 2015, Emma moved to New Jersey with her family when she was just two years old and her first vote was in favor of Donald Trump in 2020.

Despite the criticism she says she has received for being conservative and supporting Trump, Emma Jiménez thought at the time that the problem of illegal immigration especially affects the Latino community in the United States.

By being so open about her political stances on social media, Jimenez receives hate messages and personal attacks. “That I can’t be a conservative because I’m Latina, that I am whitewashed,” confessed Emma, who has even been accused of lightening her skin color.

“What really gets to me is the fact that they believe that Latinos can’t be conservative because Hispanic values are conservative values,” said Jimenez.

At the time of getting involved in politics, Emma confesses that she did not like Trump, but upon researching she discovered that the main problem at the southern border is human trafficking and that this mostly affects immigrant women and children.

“I started seeing that there was a lot of sex trafficking that was happening and weak borders, open borders, they enable traffickers of the worst kind. And something that really got to me was that no one was really talking about this.”

For Emma, the most “devastating” thing is that women who are “smuggled into this country and exploited for sexual purposes” are hiding in the “shadows” of the Me Too movement, and neither Hollywood nor politicians are pointing out the real problem at the borders. “Why would anyone oppose the idea of a wall that protects these women, that protects both sides?” asked Emma Jiménez.

Emma Jiménez beyond politics

Another side of Emma’s story is her work as a children’s author. She started out as a Spanish teacher because she “loves children,” and was inspired by her own family to write children’s books about what it means to grow up in a multiracial household.

“I’m hoping to write another book in regards to being an immigrant and still loving the culture that you’re brought in and being in love with this country,” she said.

“It’s really sad this idea that you can’t love being an American and still love your culture.”

In addition to her passion for children’s stories, Emma runs a blog titled Red Liberty Media, where she spends her time writing about her political stances and views on freedom, especially analyzing the U.S. Constitution.

“The Constitution is the most important document of American history, and it’s so important for Americans to have a clear understanding of what their constitutional rights are and be able to understand when they’re being violated,” she said.

Student Action Summit

During the Student Action Summit (SAS) 2021 held in Tampa, Florida, Emma Jiménez had the opportunity to meet with young conservatives and freedom-loving Latinos, and it struck her that these youth are raising their voices “in their own way.”

“One of the things that struck me is that many of them said to me: I tend to feel alone,” Emma said.

“The left makes you feel alone like you have to pick a side, and you don’t.”

She also wanted to distinguish between two things she considers crucial: “Being a conservative and being a Republican are two very different things,” she insisted. “Being a conservative is a way of life, how you choose to live your life, and a republican is just a political party.”

She added that “everything that the left advocates is the same thing that Cuba currently has.” And she wondered, “If that is not communism or real socialism, then what is it?”.

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