Emmanuel Rincón publica su sexta novela ambientada en una Nueva York distópica: “El decálogo del hombre igualitario”

El American’s Emmanuel Rincón Publishes Sixth Novel Set in ‘Dystopian New York’: ‘El decálogo del hombre igualitario’

This is Rincón’s latest release following the novels Wolf (2016), La trivialidad del mal (2017), and the essay La reinvención ideológica de América Latina (2020)

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Emmanuel Rincón, El American’s Editor-at-Large, has just published his latest novel entitled El decálogo del hombre igualitario, a dystopian work set in New York City that narrates the rise to power of progressive leader Bernard Goebbels, who establishes ten rules to achieve absolute equality and totalitarian control among the inhabitants of the United States.

The main character of the story is Dorian Blair, the son of prominent pharmaceutical businessmen, who is separated from his parents when the government determines that for greater egalitarianism the children will become the property of the state.

Dorian is raised in one of the Progressive Education Centers, where he will learn to hate capitalism, despise wealth and love the all-powerful leader, Bernard Goebbels. There he will begin his adventure from an early age with the dream of becoming a proud agent of the Thought Police, and he will face great dilemmas to climb within the party structure.

Other publications by Emmanuel Rincón

After the novels Wolf (2016), and La trivialidad del mal (2017), Emmanuel Rincón published the essay “La reinvención ideológica de América Latina” (2020), in addition to receiving the Eugenio Carbajal Award (2016) in Asturias, Spain, for the story “Sobrepoblación,” and the Premio distrital de cuento ciudad de Bogotá (2018), for the work “La caja reproductora de pensamientos.”

This is the first novel published by Rincón in which he tackles science fiction and dystopian genre, after the previous stories with which he was awarded in Colombia and Spain.

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“El decálogo del hombre igualitario” can be purchased on Amazon by clicking on the following link.

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