Inglaterra en camino a la normalidad: mascarillas y pasaporte de vacunación ya no son necesarios

Masks and Vaccine Passports No Longer Required in the U.K.

The health mandates were eased after official government data showed that infection is decreasing within the population

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The use of masks and vaccine passports in England will no longer be a legal requirement from Thursday, after the UK government eased pandemic restrictions.

Those rules were lifted following a pledge by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to pave the way for complete normality.

According to an official spokesman, the use of facemasks will be a matter of personal judgment.

The Government has also clarified that Public Health guidelines in this country urging Britons to wear masks in crowded places and enclosed spaces where they are in contact with strangers will continue.

As for private organizations, they will be able to choose whether to require vaccine passports to those visiting their premises.

Other rules to stop the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, such as the instruction to telework whenever possible and the use of masks by high school students inside classrooms, had already been removed.

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The relaxation of restrictions under the government’s so-called Plan B came into effect following a review of official data last week, which included infection rates, vaccine efficacy, COVID-19 pressures on the public health system (NHS), work absences, public behavior and scientists’ assessments.

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