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English Tottenham Star Supports Bolsonaro: ‘Lula Supports Everything I’m Against. Communism Is an Aberration’

Lucas Moura lanza mensaje en apoyo a Jair Bolsonaro

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LUCAS MOURA, 30, is a Brazilian striker who currently plays for Tottenham Hotspur in England. Used to being in the news for his achievements on the field, today the soccer player must be surprised, as his courageous political comments have transcended this last week.

The striker was interviewed on the podcast Cara a Tapa, where he was questioned about the upcoming presidential elections in Brazil, which will take place in October.

Without any fear, Lucas Moura said that he defined himself as a “right-wing conservative” and said that he would support Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in the October elections, as he is the one who best represents him ideologically.

“I dont have any problem to give my opinion about that. I’m a right-wing conservative, I follow christian and family principles. I don’t see any perfect presidential candidate but I can’t deny that Bolsonaro is the guy who come closest to what I believe,” Moura said unapologetically. “Lula (left wing candidate) supports everything that i’m against… left wing ideology, socialism and even communism which is nothing different from Nazism. Support Lula is almost impossible.”

Following his comments, Moura was criticized by the progressive left and valued by the conservative right, and in a tweet published last September 10, in response to one of his detractors, he redoubled his stance and strongly questioned communism.

“Communism is the most advanced stage of socialism. And for me communism and Nazism are two aberrations. Both killed millions of people and are indefensible regimes! But if you want to refute this, prove it to me with a successful example of communism,” Moura wrote. 

BARCELONA, 11/12/2018.- Tottenham’s Brazilian Lucas Moura (l) scores against FC Barcelona’s Juan Miranda (r) and goalkeeper Cillessen, both of FC Barcelona, during the Champions League group stage at Camp Nou. (EFE)

Lucas Moura’s stance is surprising, because not many athletes dare to speak about their political ideas for fear of criticism. Much less by supporting a president like Bolsonaro, who is constantly criticized by the international progressive press.

The usual thing, in fact, is to see players demonstrating in favor of “social causes” mostly linked to progressivism.

Lucas Moura’s sporting career

The Brazilian is characterized by his speed and dribbling in tight spaces. He has a very good associative capacity and power in short distances. His short stature helps him get around opponents and move between the lines. Thanks to these qualities, the player achieved a very successful career, playing in important European clubs and also playing for the Brazilian national team.

Moura, after triumphing in the historic club São Paulo, winning a Copa Sudamericana in 2012, achieved a successful career in European soccer. He played in Paris Saint Germain for several years and then earned a place in Tottenham, where he reached a historic milestone: qualifying the London club to a Champions League final after scoring a hat-trick against Dutch club Ajax.

12/12/2012.- Brazilian club Sao Paulo players Ceni (l), Lucas Moura (c) and Luis Fabiano (r) celebrate the Copa Sudamericana championship after a 2-0 win over Tigres de Argentina at the end of the second leg of the Copa Sudamericana final between them on December 12, 2012, at the Morumbi stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (EFE)

The Brazilian is now going through some physical problems and is trying to regain ground in Tottenham’s rotations, where he faces stiff competition from Harry Kane, Heung-min Son, his fellow countryman Richarlison and Sweden’s Dejan Kulusevski, all of whom seem to be to the liking of Italian coach Antonio Conte.

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