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Estonia to Dismantle Soviet Union Monuments in the Country


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The Estonian government reported that it began dismantling monuments about the Soviet Union in an effort to remove the remaining symbols of the communist era. As authorities detailed, crews removed a replica of a T-34 tank that stood atop the monument on the outskirts of the city of Narva.

“The monument commemorates the Soviet soldiers who died fighting Nazi Germany during World War II. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said a neutral grave marker would replace the tank replica and the memorial outside Narva would ‘remain a dignified site for commemorating the dead,’” US News reported.

The monument known as the Three Bayonets, which pays tribute to the Red Army, is also to be dismantled.

The prime minister appealed to law and order and said removing the statues would be a way to maintain it. “No one wants to see our militant and hostile neighbor foment tensions in our home. We will not afford Russia the opportunity to use the past to disturb the peace in Estonia,” she maintained.

Russia criticizes Estonia

US News detailed that “after the city council in Narva decided the replica tank should go, a crowd gathered around the monument to protest the plan. A total of seven Soviet-era monuments in Narva are slated for removal, the government said Tuesday.”

The move was criticized by Russian regime officials, and they have called it a “barbarity.” “We find this outrageous. A war with a common history,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov asserted.

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