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European Parliament Condemns Josep Borrell’s Complicity with Cuban Regime

The resolution, promoted by the Popular Party, the liberals and right-wing MEPs, had 386 votes in favor.

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The European Parliament condemned on Thursday the work of Josep Borrell as head of the European External Action Service for his management of the Cuban regime. Also, the MEPs urged Borrell to “recognize the existence of a political opposition to the Cuban government” and to be included in the institutional dialogues between the European representative and Cuba.

The resolution, promoted by the conservative group of the European People’s Party, the liberals and right-wing MEPs, went ahead with 386 votes in favor, 236 against and 59 abstentions.

European Parliament asks to recognize the opposition

Similarly, in the measure, MEPs point out that, since the implementation of the first bilateral agreement between Havana and the EU bloc in November 2017, there has been no progress on the part of the regime.

“There have been no concrete advances in Cuba in relation to the general principles and objectives pursued by the agreement,” the resolution says.

On the contrary, the European Parliament indicated that the Cuban regime has intensified its repression and human rights violations. It stressed that for the Parliament, the situation has continued to deteriorate for the whole of Cuban society.

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