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City Journal: Illinois Schools Implement ‘Radical’ Woke Gender Identity Curriculum

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“The Evanston/Skokie School District has adopted a radical gender curriculum that encourages PK-3 students to celebrate the transgender flag, break the ‘gender binary’ established by white ‘colonizers,’ and experiment with neo-pronouns such as ‘ze,’ ‘zir,’ and ‘tree,'” reported the City Journal.

The work, done by journalist Christopher Rufo, details that he obtained the district’s entire curriculum, which is part of “LGBTQ+ Equity Week.” He explained that the strategy begins in kindergarten, with a series of lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity.

As Rufo comments, the lesson plan begins with an introduction to the rainbow flag and teaches students that “Every color of the flag has a meaning.” “Teachers then provide the basic concepts of gender identity, explaining that ‘we call people with more than one gender or no gender, non-binary or queer,'” the journalist details.

The Evanston-Skokie lesson plan

The plan also directs the teacher to lead a class project to create a rainbow flag, with instructions to “gather students on the carpet and ask them to show you their flags and proudly hang the class flag where everyone can look at it.”

Rufo added that Evanston-Skokie School District 65’s curriculum “is the perfect illustration of college-level queer theory translated into early elementary school pedagogy.”

He further said that for weeks, commentators on the political left have claimed that public schools do not teach this material and have accused conservatives of instigating a ‘moral panic.’

Rufo also explained that this claim is demonstrably false, and the Evanston-Skokie lesson plans offer additional evidence for parents and legislators concerned about gender ideology in American public schools. Queer theory has made its way into public school curricula for children as young as four years old. This development should be subject to robust political debate, not denial, and dismissal from the political left, he thinks.

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