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We Are Being Arrested: Cuban Exiles Confirm Communist Repression of Protests

Exilio en Miami confirma protestas y represión en Cuba: "Estamos viendo docenas de arrestos"

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Cuban exiles reported Monday that they have received from Cuba “verified” videos and photographs showing groups of Cubans taking to the streets to demand change in different parts of the island, despite the fact that “Cuba is under siege by repressive forces” to prevent the March for Change (Marcha por el Cambio.)”

“We are seeing dozens of arrests,” Orlando Gutiérrez, leader of the Assembly of Cuban Resistance, told EFE news agency from the information center set up by exile forces in Miami to be able to provide reliable data on the Civic March for Change called for this November 15 (15N) in Cuba.

Silvia Iriondo, from MAR por Cuba, said that it is “obvious” that they are “besieging” the country to “prevent Cubans from going out to march” and there are “many rallies of repudiation” by the “shock forces” which, she said, the dictatorship is arming with sticks and other blunt objects to prevent the opposition from leaving their homes.

Both asked not to forget the obstacles that exist for the march called by the Archipelago group to be multitudinous, but said that the important thing is that the Cuban people demand a change and “the eyes of the world are on Cuba.”

The UN is an accomplice of the Cuban dictatorship

The leader of MAR por Cuba considered it a “shame” that Cuba is part of the UN Human Rights Commission and behaves this way with those who want to demonstrate peacefully.

“It is incongruous and unprecedented, we stopped going to the Commission a long time ago, because the worst violators of human rights sit there,” she stressed.

Gutiérrez said that until midday communications with Cuba were functioning normally and they received videos and photos showing groups of people marching in Havana and Santa Clara, among other cities.

The exiled leader says they have confirmed that in Havana people dressed in yellow took to the streets and sheets were hung with the phrase “el paro nacional va” (the national strike is on its way).

Among the detainees of whom he is aware are Agustín Figueroa, of the Vicente Méndez Civic Movement, and his 19-year-old son. Both were arrested when they began to march in Havana.

Iriondo wondered about Berta Soler, leader of the Ladies in White, with whom they have not been able to contact and who on Sunday assured that she would march no matter what.

The opposition leader warned that there are many security agents of the dictatorship in the streets dressed in civilian clothes to confuse the population.

Both stressed the importance of the international community’s support to Cubans on the island to reestablish democracy in Cuba and expressed their satisfaction with the demonstrations of support that have been called for today in more than a hundred cities around the world.

The Cuban exiles slammed global leaders for refusing to support the pro-freedom protests

Mexican jurist René Bolio of the Justice Cuba Commission told EFE that Mexico’s president, Manuel Andrés López Obrador, is “an accomplice of the dictatorship” of Cuba when he says he cannot speak on Cubans’ march so as not to interfere in internal affairs of another country. Bolio slammed AMLO’s hypocritical statement as he welcomed Peru’s former disgraced president, Evo Morales, when he left power in 2019 amid a political crisis in Bolivia.

He stressed that in Mexico six acts in support of 15N are confirmed, including one in Mexico City.

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