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California Spent an Exorbitant Amount of Money on ‘Diversity’ and ‘Equity’ Training for Fish Department

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THE CALIFORNIA Government spent over $500,000 on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and another $50,000 on alleged training for state Fish and Wildlife Department members. The information was released by a nonprofit organization that spoke with Fox News.

“Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are becoming California’s newest billion-dollar industry, with taxpayer money […] It’s everywhere from kindergarten classrooms to the Department of Fish and Wildlife,” Will Coggin, a senior researcher at the Center for Organizational Research and Education, told the news outlet.

He added: “Instead of effectively addressing issues like housing, crime or homelessness, California officials have chosen to line the pockets of well-connected diversity consultants.”

Fox News compiles how much other departments have spent on inclusion and diversity policies. “The report also found that, below the state level, California counties and cities spent a total of $110 million at the county level and nearly $90 million at the city level of public funds on DEI initiatives -diversity, equity, and inclusion-.”

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