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Facebook Develops AR Glasses That Will Replace Laptops and Cellphones

“Imagine a world where a lightweight, stylish pair of glasses could replace your need for a computer or smartphone,” Facebook said on an official release.

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No, this is not a conspiracy theory or a Black Mirror episode. Through a technology that the company is currently developing, Facebook intends to connect this device with the mind so that they can be used at any time of the day, according to a post on its own site.

What is this Facebook technology?

According to an official release, the technology is an artificial intelligence-driven interface for augmented reality (AR) glasses that can use the information you choose to share, to infer what you want to do, when you want to do it.

In addition to the glasses would be a wrist-based input also combined with usable but limited “contextualized” artificial intelligence that dynamically adapts to the user and their environment. “Later in the year,” they add, “we’ll pull back the curtain on some groundbreaking work in soft robotics to build comfortable, all-day wearable devices and share an update on our haptic glove research.”

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What is the finality?

Facebook explains that this technology would be further incorporated into humans.

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“Imagine a world where a lightweight, stylish pair of glasses could replace your need for a computer or smartphone,” they say on their website.

With this technology, the wearer “would have the ability to feel physically present with friends and family — no matter where they are in the world.” The company says the individual would have “contextually aware AI to help you navigate the world around you, as well as a rich 3D virtual information within arm’s reach.”

According to Facebook, this technology would “allow you to look up and be present in the world around you, instead of diverting your attention to the periphery in the palm of your hand.”

For one of its scientists, this is a revolutionary breakthrough. Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) chief expert Michael Abrash “has called augmented reality interaction “one of the most challenging and interesting multidisciplinary problems out there” because it is a complete paradigm shift in the way humans interact with computers.”

The company says this technology package “should be able to do what you want them to do and tell you what you want to know when you want to know it, in the same way your own mind works.” What this means is that Facebook will share information with the user and vice versa.

He assures that the interface will need to be proactive rather than reactive. “It will be an interface that seamlessly converts intent into action.”

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