Familiares de las víctimas del tiroteo de Parkland recibirán $25 millones

Family Members of Parkland Shooting Victims Reach Settlement of $25 Million

Plaintiffs in the now-settled case alleged that authorities’ negligence favored the perpetrator of the shooting to enter the facility and open fire.

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A group of families of victims of the 2018 shooting at a Parkland (Florida) middle school reached a settlement with area public school authorities under which they will receive $25 million, their lawyers said.

The agreement covers 52 families and establishes that those who lost some of their members in the massacre will receive more than the relatives of the wounded, according to what lawyer David Brill told local media without giving more details about the distribution of the money.

This closes a negligence lawsuit filed against the Broward County School District (southeast Florida) by those families.

Seventeen people, 14 of them students and three workers of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School (MSD), died on February 14, 2018 as a result of shots fired with a semi-automatic rifle at the center, a fact of which the young Nikolas Cruz, now 23 years old, is accused.

A score of people were injured in the indiscriminate shooting.

Cruz, who was arrested the same day and confessed to having been the author of the shooting, will appear tomorrow Wednesday before Judge Elizabeth Scherer to plead guilty to 17 murders and as many attempted murders in order to avoid being sentenced to the death penalty, which has provoked mixed reactions among the relatives of the victims and wounded.

The prosecution has already announced that it will continue to seek the death penalty for this young man, who at the time of the massacre was no longer a student at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, from which he was expelled for misconduct, and who had an arsenal in the house where he lived with a foster family after the death of his adoptive mother.

“There is no amount of money capable of adequately compensating the many victims, but given the circumstances of this particular case and the fact that the school board is a sovereign immune entity, this is a fair and remarkable settlement,” Brill said.

There are still other lawsuits against school officials to be settled.

The plaintiffs in the one already settled alleged that the authorities’ negligence made it easier for the perpetrator to enter the school and open fire on staff and students.

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