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FARC President Asks for Joe Biden’s Support

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Rodrigo Londoño, known in the guerrilla world as “Timochenko”, President of the FARC Party, and former commander-in-chief of the terrorist guerrilla that for decades plagued Colombia, asked President Joe Biden for his support together with an NGO called “Defendamos la paz” or “Let’s Defend Peace.”

The NGO Let’s Defend Peace, which includes members of civil society and former FARC and ELN guerilla negotiators, said on Thursday they “hope” that the new U.S. president, Joe Biden, will strengthen support for “peace” in Colombia.

“We want to express our hope that this new Administration will strengthen support for the full implementation of the peace agreement, and for the protection of the lives of former combatants,” they said in a letter addressed to President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

After recalling that the Democratic administration of Barack Obama “contributed significantly” to the success of the peace agreement signed in November 2016, the signatories denounced that the implementation of the agreement has encountered “numerous obstacles during the administrations of President Iván Duque in Colombia and former President Donald Trump in the United States.”

“Much of what was agreed to has not been implemented, while the implementation of other aspects is being carried out slowly, with few resources, or even in the midst of presidential objections, as in the case of the system to guarantee the rights of victims and the Special Jurisdiction for Peace,” they said.

For all these reasons, they tell Biden and Harris that they are confident that their administration will strengthen support for peace.

Among those signing the letter are Juan Fernando Cristo, who was part of the government team in the peace negotiations; Rodrigo Londoño, President of the FARC Party, and left-wing senator Iván Cepeda.

The signatories also express the “full disposition to develop a constructive relationship” between the new U.S. government and Colombian civil society “oriented towards the development of peace, democracy and human rights in the country.”

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), active since the 1950s in the country, murdered and kidnapped thousands of people in their attempts to take power in Colombia by force, financed themselves for decades with drug trafficking, and also carried out an undetermined number of terrorist attacks in the capital city of Bogota and other areas of the country.

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