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El American Libre: Fascist Democrats Obey the Rich and Powerful, Here’s Why

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In this new installment of the second season of El American Libre, Pablo Kleinman explains the new face of contemporary fascism and why he believes today’s Democratic Party is the party of the ultrarich.

Despite the contemporary tendency to see Benito Mussolini as incompetent, it is worth remembering that the once-radical socialist was the one who put the state at the center of gravity of economic life.

Mussolini’s fascism also brought with it (at least initially) an expanded and highly populist welfare state, as we see today in the West.

What does the new fascism look like and where is it?

According to Kleinman, Mussolini’s idea of maintaining a state-controlled economy dominated by large business interests is gradually supplanting the liberal capitalist model that was the hemisphere’s flagship.

In that sense, Kleinman points out that today’s fascism relies on concentrated economic power to achieve ideological objectives. Today those goals are easily identifiable in the discourse of the powerful: supposed racial and gender equity and climate change.

China, which is the model for today’s fascist state, follows Mussolini’s example and is intent on cementing the corporate elite in the power structure, with hundreds of billionaires sitting in its communist legislature.

Although capitalist countries have historically resisted such concentrations of power, a handful of tech giants now account for 40% of the value of the U.S. stock market.

In parallel, the supposed “party of the people” that proudly called itself the Democratic Party has today become a subsidiary of the corporate elites.

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