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Father Arrested Protesting Rape Case at Loudoun County School


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The Daily Wire revealed that Scott Smith, a parent that went viral after police arrested him at a Loudoun County School Board meeting, was trying to tell parents in the meeting that his daughter had been raped by a male student who was “wearing a skirt” and had entered the woman’s bathroom.

Smith, who was caught on tape while Police officers dragged him across the conference room during a school board meeting and were charged with “disorderly conduct”, said in an interview with the Daily Wire that on May 28th he went to the school as he was informed that his 15-year-old daughter had been physically assaulted in a bathroom by a male.

However, once Smith arrived he says he realized that his daughter had been sexually assaulted and he told the Wire that school officials had decided to not get the police involved and handle the issue internally. Subsequently, Scott got extremely upset and began contesting the school’s decision to not get the authorities involved. It was at this time when school authorities decide to call the police, to arrest Scott not to address the sexual assault of his daughter.  

Smith said, “I went nuts. I called the principal a p**. Six cars showed up like a f***** SWAT team”. The Wire reported that the school sent a note to the parents warning about Smith’s outrage, calling it an “incident” and saying that the school was making available “counseling services” to any student who “may need to talk about today’s incident”. The warning sent by the school never referenced the sexual assault against Smith’s daughter, only the conflict between Scott and school officials over the School’s decision not to get the police involved.

Scott then told the Wire that they took his daughter to a hospital later that night and performed clinical examinations to confirm the sexual assault allegations, the results came back positive. After this, the Smith family took the case to the local authorities and the police opened an investigation over the crime.

Loudoun County School board under fire

A few months after the Loudoun County Sheriff’s office confirmed the arrest on October 7th, 2021 of the teenager after he was charged with “sexual battery and abduction of a fellow student at Broad Run High School” of another 15-year-old student, who was assaulted by the suspect in an empty classroom of a different school. According to the report, Smith’s attorney claim that prosecutors told him that the suspect arrested was the same teenager who was accused of raping Smith’s daughter.

Smith went viral on June 2021, during a school board meeting when he became outraged at the school superintendent Scott Ziegler, who said that the school “does not have any records of assaults occurring in restrooms”. Ziegler went on saying that the “transgender student or person simply does not exist”, after this, Smith was visibly outraged at Ziegler’s remarks since his daughter’s sexual assault had happened only a month earlier.

Since the case involves minors, state and county officials have not released the name of the suspect involved in both sexual assault cases nor give any public comment or information on the cases. The British media outlet the Daily Mail reached out to the Loudoun School Board for comment but the school didn’t immediately respond.

Loudoun County School Board has been accused of concealing a sexual assault that occurred in May (EFE)

It is also unclear why the suspect was in another school when he was finally arrested by the local authorities and the School Board has yet to release any information about whether the student was suspended or expelled from the local school system.

Smith has criticized the policy the school has over bathrooms and made clear that “kids are using it as an advantage to get into the bathrooms”. Smith’s lawyer does not know if the suspect identifies as a man, woman, or transsexual, for him it does not matter, saying “I don’t care if he’s homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, transsexual. He’s a sexual predator” the lawyer said to the Wire.

Tuesday evening at least 60 parents met at a school board meeting of Loudoun County, with a large number of them demanding the resignation of superintendent Scott Ziegler, according to a report by Fox News. A mother made this point clear by calling for Ziegler’s removal and the boards resignation due to their “negligence and duplicity”.

Loudoun County, located in Virginia, has been at the center of the national conversation regarding the schooling system. Conservatives have accused liberals of trying to indoctrinate their children with Critical Race Theory, a charge that has been vehemently denied by liberals. Recently, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memorandum authorizing federal law enforcement to investigate alleged violent threats against school officials and teachers nationwide, a decision that has been accused as authoritarian by conservatives.  

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