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FBI Investigates Hunter Biden and Partners for Money Laundering

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An article from  The New York Post indicated, according to reports that “the FBI has been investigating Hunter Biden and his business partners on money laundering charges since 2019. This would be a new case of scandal for the Biden family, which has been under the eye of the hurricane for the past few weeks since revelations about Hunter Biden’s shady deals abroad began. 

Published reports, articles, and research show that corruption and conflicts of interest in national security issues are a problem for Hunter and his father, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who has been branded as a “liar” by alleged ignorance about your son’s business. 

Sinclair Broadcast Group says the FBI case is there active and open  

The exclusive belongs to the Sinclair Broadcast Group One of his journalists, James Rosen, shared the news on his Twitter account explaining that Justice Department officials confirmed that in 2019 the FBI opened the investigation against Hunter and associates. In addition, he noted that the investigation was still open and active. 

Tweet de Rosen denouncing the disclosure of State Department officials

According to Rosen, Tony Bobulinski – a former Hunter partner – revealed to him Sinclair Broadcast Group who was questioned on October 23 by the FBI for five hours. In addition, it was included as a “material witness” in a developing research that focuses on Hunter Biden and his business partners.

Bobulinski reportedly provided the FBI with material and digital evidence linked to former Vice President Biden and related to his son’s overseas business 

It should be remembered that Bobulinski is not a new element in this equation. The businessman, residing in California, has given statements to Fox News on the Tucker Carlson show, where he called Joe Biden’s version – in which he doesn’t know the details of his son’s business abroad – a “blatant lie. 

Last week Bobulinski himself, during a press conference, showed some phones that he said he would provide to the FBI as evidence. According to the businessman, the content of the cell phones was thoroughly reviewed by the FBI in what he described as a “very cooperative analysis”. Hunter’s former partner mentioned that the meeting was in Washington and announced that he hopes to meet with them again. 

At which point Tony Bobulinski calls Joe Biden’s claims on the Tucker Carlson show “blatant lies.”

Joe Biden promoted in an investment scheme n presented Hunter Biden 

Few days ago one revealed  investment scheme presented by Hunter Biden  and four associates – two of them Tony Bobulinski and James Biden, brother of Joe Biden – to a Chinese energy company called CEFC China Energy. Private company closely linked to the People’s Liberation Army and the Communist Party of China itself. 

This commercial proposal had a high informative content from different regions in the world where the Chinese CEFC could invest. Oman, Luxembourg and, in the important case, Colombia were mentioned. 

The former vice president of the United States presented the coffee country as the door that CEFC China Energy would have to “enter Latin America. One of the relationships promoted in the Colombian country section to generate investment was that of Joe Biden, at that time (2017) Vice President of the United States, and Juan Manuel Santos, former President of Colombia. 

The current Democratic candidate had generated great relations with Santos, and was also closely following the “peace process” with the narco-terrorists of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc), which was sold as an indication that Colombia would be a safer place to invest. 

The scheme presented by Hunter and associates, which was very complete on all lines, even had drawn up a welcome plan from the Colombian Senate for the Chinese company, which at the time was one of the most important private companies in its country. 

All of these revelations about the details of Hunter Biden’s overseas business and his father’s alleged involvement come within five days of the presidential election between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. Facts that, clearly, can have an incidence at the ballot box. 

Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón is a journalist at El American specializing in the areas of American politics and media analysis // Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón es periodista de El American especializado en las áreas de política americana y análisis de medios de comunicación.

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