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Federal Judge Blocks Texas Anti-Abortion Law

Juez federal bloquea la ley antiaborto de Texas

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A federal judge on Wednesday blocked enforcement of the anti-abortion law put in place in Texas.

Judge Robert Pitman accepted the request of Joe Biden’s government, which, through the Department of Justice, had demanded the temporary suspension of the law promoted by the Republicans while waiting for its constitutionality to be determined.

The Texas law allows individuals to file civil lawsuits against anyone who helps a pregnant woman have an abortion if they believe they violate the ban.

That system has so far allowed Texas authorities to avoid responsibility for enforcement of the law because the burden of implementation is on private citizens.

The Texas veto bans abortion as early as six weeks gestation. At the hearing before Pitman on Oct. 1, the Biden Administration argued that with this law, effective Sept. 1, Texas “resorted to an unprecedented scheme supported by vigilantes.”

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Despite Pitman’s blocking, the state of Texas will most likely appeal the decision and take it to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and then the case will go to the Supreme Court.