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The First Lady Seriously Insults Hispanics | Lo Que Importa

Grave ofensa de la primera dama a los hispanos | Lo Que Importa

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IN THE LATEST episode of Lo Que Importa, our co-editor-in-chief, Vanessa Vallejo, analyzes the speech by U.S. First Lady Jill Biden, who said this week that Hispanics are “as unique” as Mexican tacos. She also talks with pro-life activist Ángela Vélez Escallón about the ongoing debate on abortion in the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

While Jill Biden’s downplaying of the Hispanic community may seem silly to many, Vallejo believes there is “an underlying problem” with the Democratic leadership’s perception of Latinos.

“First, not all Hispanics are Mexican, and this kind of stereotype is not good,” Vallejo said, finding it “worrisome” that the U.S. president’s wife is being advised by someone who has an image so far removed from the Latino community.

These stereotypes, from Vallejo’s perspective, demonstrate how little knowledge the Democrats and, particularly, the federal government have about the Hispanic community.

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That remote view of Latin American culture and roots is perhaps the biggest reason why Hispanics are switching sides en masse and joining the ranks of the Republican Party.

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