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First Muslim Sworn in as Judge of Israel’s Supreme Court

Khaled Kabub, a former member of the Tel Aviv city council, was nominated by the Israeli Judicial Selection Committee in February

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Israel‘s Supreme Court on Monday swore in a Muslim judge to a permanent position for the first time in the country’s history.

Khaled Kabub, a former Tel Aviv-Yafo city council member and district court judge, assumes the position along with 80 other judges being sworn into various positions in the country’s highest court, according to a report in The Times of Israel.

Kabub was nominated for the position by the Israeli Judicial Selection Committee in February, and at 64 takes over from Judge Neal Hendel, who is retiring from his permanent post.

Born in Jaffa, he studied history and Islam at Tel Aviv University, where he also completed his law degree. Kabub later worked in private practice before becoming a judge.

The judge had sought the post in 2018, but withdrew his candidacy, according to the Times of Israel, as he had “no real chance” of winning it.

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