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Florida to Fine Drivers Who Play Music at High Volume

El teniente de policía Mike Crabb dijo a NBC 6 que no se trata de impedir que los conductores disfruten de la música, sino de poner límites a la contaminación acústica en las calles.

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Driving a car with loud music may be punished in Florida with fines of more than one hundred dollars as of July 1, due to a new law that insists on an issue on which the state’s Supreme Court ruled ten years ago in favor of the “noisy.”

The new legal text establishes fines of up to $114 for when music coming from a vehicle can be heard well at a minimum distance of 25 feet (7.6 meters.)

The amount of the fines will be higher if the car emitting the music passes near churches, schools and hospitals.

One of the items in the legal text authorizes law enforcement officers to immobilize noisy vehicles for up to three days in certain circumstances, such as impromptu parties in which a large number of cars emit music in unison.

NBC 6 television channel gathered opinions for and against this law that empowers police officers to fine those who exceed the decibel limit.

One of its detractors, Christopher Dodge, considered that this law is a new gimmick to fill the coffers of state agencies and wondered if the officers will carry devices to measure the decibels emitted by a vehicle or if their word will be enough to charge someone.

Supporters say it will be a positive change, especially in neighborhoods where many people tend to play loud music with their car windows down.

Police Lt. Mike Crabb told NBC 6 that it’s not about stopping drivers from enjoying music, but about putting limits on noise pollution on the streets.

In 2012, the Florida Supreme Court upheld a lawyer, Richard Catalano, who brought a lawsuit against a similar law on the grounds that it violated the First Amendment of the Constitution, which protects the right to freedom of speech.

The new text amends that law, which was invalidated ten years ago.

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