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Florida GOP Disowns Al Cárdenas After Involvement in Soros-backed Takeover of Conservative Hispanic Radio: ‘He Does Not Speak For Us’

Partido Republicano de Florida se desmarca de Al Cárdenas: "No habla por nosotros"

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THE FLORIDA GOP charged hard on Twitter against Al Cardenas, a politician and lawyer who was a two-time former chairman of the Republican Party in the Sunshine State and formerly a respected figure in the conservative world in Miami and nationally.

“@AlCardenasFL_DC [Cardenas’ Twitter username] is not a member of the RPOF and does not speak for us either. There is nothing to justify Radio Soros in Florida,” the Florida GOP stated, citing a tweet from Rep. Darren Soto (D-FL).

Partido Republicano de Florida se desmarca de Al Cárdenas: "No habla por nosotros"
El GOP de Florida carga contra Al Cárdenas. (Captura de pantalla)

The Republican Party of Florida’s tweet was published to deny Darren Soto, who tried to explain that Latino Media Network (LMN) is a bipartisan project, presenting Cárdenas as one of the project’s advisors.

In reality, LMN is a new media startup funded by tycoon George Soros that bought 18 Latino radio stations across the country for $60 million, including the famed conservative radio station Mambí, a mainstay of Miami’s Cuban-American community.

LMN is not only funded by George Soros but is also run by prominent Democrats. Its founders, Jess Morales Rocketto and Stephanie Valencia, are intimately linked to the Democratic Party, the former being a former official of the Hillary for America, Obama for America and also the Democratic National Committee campaigns, and the latter a former advisor to former President Barack Obama and also press secretary to several congressmen and Democratic politicians.

In a previous investigation, El American revealed that the Televisa-Univision consortium, owner of the 18 stations sold to LMN, had almost everything agreed with the Christian-conservative radio group Salem Media Group to sell the radio stations for about $46 million.

According to a source close to the negotiations, who was granted anonymity, Salem Media “offered $46 million for these stations and the deal with TelevisaUnivision was almost done,” but Latino Media Network came along with $14 million more and took the stations.

Likewise, prominent members of the Cuban community in Florida have denounced to El American that the sudden irruption of LMN was a Democratic political move to take over most of the Latino media and also to silence conservative radio stations such as Mambí.

Al Cárdenas, the chip to appear unbiased

LMN has insisted that the media project has no partisan overtones despite the fact that its leaders and financiers are ideologically progressive or close to the Democratic Party.

Therefore, in order to give an image of journalistic neutrality, LMN has as one of its advisors Al Cárdenas, who despite his Republican past, has become a person without influence within the GOP who has dedicated his last years to criticize important figures of his own party.

In fact, on Twitter it can be seen how Al Cárdenas radically departed from the GOP, attacking mostly important names within the party, such as former President Donald Trump or even departing from his conservative and Republican ideals by suggesting a call to violence against the country’s Supreme Court for one of its recent rulings.

Al Cárdenas parece sugerir un llamado a la violencia contra SCOTUS

In fact, Cardenas is not only rejected by his own political party, but also by advisors or political strategists close to the GOP, such as the case of Giancarlo Sopo — Republican media strategist — who expressed his concern about the support of the former Florida Republican Party chairman to LMN in a commentary sent to El American.

What’s happened to Mr. Cardenas? How does one go from chairing CPAC to helping leftist radicals silence conservative voices? In this case, he’s tearing down a cultural institution that has helped him in his career. People are wondering what’s his true motive here. Perhaps he’ll recognize he made a mistake and apologize. Everyone is surprised by his newfound appreciation for radical leftism. Disgraceful, indeed.

Giancarlo Sopo on Al Cardenas’ support to Soros-funded Latino Media Network.

Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón is a journalist at El American specializing in the areas of American politics and media analysis // Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón es periodista de El American especializado en las áreas de política americana y análisis de medios de comunicación.

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