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Florida House Approves Resolution Against Democratic Socialism

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This Wednesday, the Florida House of Representatives issued a non-binding resolution denouncing democratic socialism. The resolution deems Senator Bernie Sanders a threat to the country’s democracy.

The move comes at a time when socialism and communism has become a political talking point because of the Latino electorate, where there is a large community of Cubans, Venezuelans and other countries with leftist regimes.

“Democratic socialism is really no different than socialism itself,” said the bill’s Republican sponsor, Rep. Tom Fabricio.

A controversial resolution?

The representative shared the information on Twitter and reported that the resolution had 79 votes in favor and 36 against. He maintained that “Individual liberty, private property and democracy have been approved in the House by 79 votes in favor and 36 against.”

During the debate, Fabricio argued that the policies of the social democrats, adopted by politicians like Sanders, were wrong and dangerous for democracy and American capitalism.

In addition, he detailed that the Florida House of Representatives will continue to promote the values of freedom and democracy. He emphasized that socialism is a failed ideology.

Florida House of Representatives - Bernie Sanders - El American
Tom Fabricio, sponsor of the bill in the Florida House of Representatives (Twitter)

“The Florida House will always support and defend true and successful American values over failed democratic socialism,” he said.

While Democrats rejected the bill, which they called political theater, Fabricio argued that “democratic socialism is really no different than socialism itself.”

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