Autoridades de Florida investigan a maestras que golpearon con tablas a niña de 6 años

Florida Authorities Launch Investigation of Teachers Who Hit a 6-Year-Old Girl with Paddle

The footage shows two women, one holding the child and the other hitting her on the buttocks at least three times with a wooden board.

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Florida authorities are investigating the two teachers who hit a 6-year-old girl with a paddle at a Clewiston school in the presence of her mother, a Latina immigrant who recorded the punishment and said she did not understand what was happening due to language barriers.

Two women are seen in the recording, one holding the minor and the other hitting her on the buttocks at least 3 times with the paddle, while the girl screamed, cried and begged not to be beaten.

Melissa Carter, the principal of Central Elementary School in Clewiston, and the school’s secretary, Cecilia Self, are facing an investigation for allegedly administering corporal punishment, local channel WINK News reported.

The principal of this South Florida school in Hendry County had called the minor’s mother claiming that she damaged a computer and was required to pay $50.

“By behaving and taking care of things, you won’t mess things up,” she is told after the beating, which occurred last April 13.

When the mother arrived at the school, they mentioned the possibility of punishment, but the mother said that due to the language barrier she did not understand the process.

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Without knowing what was happening, she saw her daughter being beaten “with hatred” and, as she did not know what to do, she preferred to record the incident in order to report it as soon as possible.

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