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Florida Republicans Propose Cutting Business Ties with Big Tech Over Recent Censorship

Donald Trump

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Republican lawmakers in Florida proposed two bills on Tuesday aimed at banning state agencies and local governments from doing business with technology companies like Twitter for suppressing former President Donald Trump and other conservatives on social networks.

In addition to Twitter, State Senator Joe Gruters and Rep. Randy Fine are seeking to punish Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

“Because of the role of tech giants in suppressing free speech, including the banning of the (former) president of the United States, the state of Florida should hold them accountable by refusing to do business with them,” Gruters tweeted today.

Trump and other conservatives have been systematically silenced by Big Tech.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks deleted Trump’s account when he was president, and during the election campaign consistently deleted or placed warnings on his posts.

Fine said that the idea is that these companies “realize that they have made a mistake and change course.” He assured that otherwise they will “boycott them.”

Gruters, who is also the chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, also lamented that conservative voices are being repressed.

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