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Florida Wins Legal Victory Against Biden Over Vaccine Mandate

Fiscal general de Florida demanda a la Administración Biden por la crisis migratoria

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A federal judge gave the green light to a preliminary motion in favor of the state of Florida in its battle against the Biden administration’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for federal contractors.

In a 38-page brief, Steven Douglas Merryday. Chief Judge for the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, granted on Wednesday Florida AG Ashley Moody’s request for a preliminary motion against the vaccine mandate after the state filed a lawsuit arguing that the order exceeded the president’s authority.

The judge noted that the Biden administration had not demonstrated that the requirement was necessary, as well as that any problems related to “efficiency” and “absenteeism” are “attributable to COVID-19.”

“It is simply a hastily fabricated but unproven hypothesis about recent history and an artificial speculation about the future,” he added.

Moody alleged in the lawsuit, filed in October, that the order targeted Florida in light of state agencies that maintain contracts with the federal government, to which Merryday noted that the state has demonstrated “an immediate threat to a substantial source of revenue.”

Florida is one of several states that has challenged Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors, an order that earlier this month was blocked nationwide by a federal judge in Georgia.

The Georgia judge’s order has been taken by the federal administration to the federal Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

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