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Florida ‘Serial Bank Robber’ Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

Sentencian a 3 años de prisión a un "asaltante de bancos en serie" en Florida

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Attorney Aaron Honaker, a “serial bank robber” who was caught in 2020 as he was preparing to rob a bank branch in Coral Gables, a city near Miami, Florida, was sentenced to three years and three months in prison, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said on Thursday.

Honaker, 42, of Miami, received the prison sentence for committing a series of bank robberies and attempted bank robberies in South Florida.

Both the robberies and attempted robberies occurred between September and October 2020, the state’s southeastern district office of the Department of Justice said.

According to the statement released yesterday, Honaker pleaded guilty on August 18 to attempting to rob a Citibank in Coral Gables on Sept. 30, 2020. Also, adds the District Attorney’s Office, the convicted man admitted that days later he robbed the Chase Bank in the city of Aventura, in Miami-Dade County. On October 5 of the same year, Honaker attempted to rob a Wells Fargo Bank in Coral Gables.

And five days later, he robbed a Chase Bank in the same city, where again, after five days, he attempted to rob an HSBC bank.

After being arrested on October 22, 2020, the bank robber had made off with a total of $1,850. The arresting officer found Honaker, whom the FBI called a “serial bank robber,” in possession of a hammer and a note with demands that he was going to use to rob a bank agency in the Coral Gables business and financial district again.

Honaker admitted to police that he knew that all the bank employees he approached during the robberies “were frightened as a result of his conduct.”

The defendant also told law enforcement that he carried the hammer with him “to escape any glass barriers that might trigger bank security,” the statement adds.

A five-year prison sentence was recommended during the trial, but U.S. District Court Judge Marcia G. Cooke ultimately sentenced Honaker to 40 months in prison (three years and three months), followed by a four-year supervised prison term.

This “brilliant lawyer,” as described to local media by colleagues who worked with him, was admitted to the Florida Bar on January 31, 2008, after graduating three years earlier from Wake Forest University Law School in North Carolina.

On the social networking site LinkedIn, Honaker is listed as a graduate of Duke Law School, although a spokesman for the school noted that he does not appear in its records even as a student, Miami Local 10 reported after the October 2020 arrest.

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