Alguaciles de Florida dan "abrumador" respaldo a DeSantis y el senador Rubio

Florida Sheriffs Give ‘Overwhelming’ Endorsement to Gov. DeSantis and Sen. Rubio

A total of 58 bipartisan sheriffs gave their support to Governor DeSantis, who will seek re-election this year and whose leadership they highlighted

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Dozens of Florida sheriffs announced on Monday their “overwhelming” support to the candidacies from Florida, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Ron DeSantis, both of whom are running for re-election in their positions this year and have opposed the current that proposes to Defund the Police.

In a press conference held on the occasion of the Florida Sheriffs Conference in Jacksonville, Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio received the support of a total of 55 sheriffs, which is an “overwhelming majority” of the total of 67 sheriffs from the state for each of the counties into which it is divided. 

“I feel honored by this endorsement. This speaks of something more than politics, it speaks of the direction of our country,” said the Republican senator, who in this year’s elections will seek a third term in Congress and will contend with Democrat Val Demings, former Orlando Police Chief.

Florida Sheriffs Association

“When you inject the spirit of anarchy into a culture and into a society you only encourage the anarchists. And in the end, the men and women who stand behind me, and the men and women who work for them, are the ones who have to answer to in a very difficult job,” the senator said at the press conference, accompanied by dozens of sheriff’s.

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Rubio has expressed on several occasions his rejection of the request in favor of “defunding the Police”, and criticized the politicians who reprimand the forces of order for “enforcing the laws they pass.”

The Republican senator alluded to the increase in homicide rates in U.S. cities, in attacks on police officers, border insecurity and an “epidemic of robberies and robberies throughout the country,” of which, however, Florida is better off than other places.

“We don’t have a governor and legislature that have gone completely insane,” he added.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said at the press conference that Demings voted to “defund the police” in Congress, while Rubio has not “changed.”

Ron DeSantis endorsement

At the same conference, it was announced that a total of 58 sheriffs, from different parties, have given their support to Governor DeSantis, who will seek re-election this year and whose leadership they highlighted.

“He is a true governor of law and order. That’s what they look like,” Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said.

DeSantis, who in the campaign for the 2018 elections embraced the motto of “law and order” and received similar support, highlighted the situation in Florida with respect to states where there are fewer funds for police forces and he recalled that in this southern state, local governments cannot subtract funds from law enforcement agencies.

“In Florida, we support them (the police officers). And we will continue to support them,” said the Governor, who later echoed a proposal for a $5,000 bonus for new police officers who arrive from out of state.

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