‘Florida Stands United in the Face of Lawlessness:’ Lt. Gov. Nunez on Biden’s Open Borders

Jeanette Nuñez said that there are ways and programs to promote “orderly and legal” migration.

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Governor and lieutenant governor of Florida both met on Monday with Cuban-Americans who were brought to the United States as children. At the event, they spoke of President Joe Biden’s failed immigration policy.

Republicans lamented that Joe Biden’s migration policies end up in cases of human trafficking and other irregularities at border crossings. In response, Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez explained that there are ways to promote an orderly immigration policy.

“Florida stands united in the face of lawlessness”: Lt. Governor Nunez on Biden’s immigration policy

An orderly migration policy

Nuñez described the situation at the southern border as “chaos” and pointed out that during last year alone, some 2 million migrants from around the world crossed the border illegally.

“President Biden’s reckless open borders policies have incentivized a massive influx of people, where drug cartels, murderers, gang members and human traffickers are committing crimes across the border,” he commented.

She continued, “Worse than that, they pose as children. Through the efforts of our administration, Governor DeSantis and I refuse to perpetuate a bad policy. We stand on the side of law and order and seek to protect Floridians from the Biden’s open border agenda.”

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She also maintained that Florida is united “against crime, lawlessness and a federal government that is using taxpayer funds and clandestine means to flood our state with unvetted illegal immigrants.”

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