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Florida Emerges as an Economic Power as Unemployment Rate Fell 3.3%

Governor DeSantis noted that economic indicators have continued a positive trajectory and are surpassing pre-pandemic rates

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FL Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Friday that Florida businesses continue to have robust employment opportunities, a benefit of a competitive workforce, where employers have added jobs for 22 consecutive months.

DeSantis noted that Florida’s economic indicators have continued a positive trajectory and are surpassing pre-pandemic rates. The state’s total private sector employment grew by 52,000 jobs in February 2022, an increase of 0.6 percent for the month.

The Governor’s Office indicated that “there were 8,132,300 private sector jobs statewide in February 2022, an increase of 525,200 jobs, or 6.9 percent, over the year. The national over-the-year rate increase was 5.2 percent in February 2022. Florida’s over-the-year private sector job growth rate has exceeded the nation’s for 11 consecutive months since April 2021.”

El gobernador de Florida detalló que la tasa de desempleo en estado es menor que los otros estados (EFE)
Florida’s governor detailed that the state’s unemployment rate is lower than the other states (EFE)

Unemployment in Florida

“Florida’s freedom first policies have made Florida a great state for businesses and families to grow. When you put freedom first, you put hardworking families first, and every Floridian reaps the benefits. February’s economic data is concrete evidence that Florida is on the right path,” DeSantis said.

Finally, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO), via Secretary Dane Eagle, pointed out that “Florida is lucky to have a Governor that works to give Floridians the economic freedoms they deserve and that supports economic growth.”

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“DEO is proud to assist in building the competitive and educated workforce that is the foundation of Florida’s economic growth and stability, contributing to Florida’s low unemployment rate, outpacing the national rate for 15 consecutive months,” he added.

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