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“Foreign Powers Seek to Destroy the Rule of Law and Social Unity of the United States”: Joseph Humire

Joseph Humire

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“No one thought we were going to be torn apart from within, no one was aware of this. When Americans realize that we are being attacked by foreign powers, that is when our enemies will need to be careful,” Joseph Humire, an expert in national security, told El American.

On November 25, President Donald Trump granted a pardon to General Michael T. Flynn. His case, besides being controversial, put American Justice before the eyes of the world. Despite the fact that federal prosecutors withdrew the charges against him, the judge decided to extend his case.

The Eastern District of New York -on November 18-, decided to drop all charges against Salvador “El Padrino” Cienfuegos, the former Minister of Defense of Mexico, accused of international drug trafficking. Cienfuegos returned to Mexico, where no formal charges have yet been made. Prosecutor Seth DuCharme said that the decision responds to a “balance of interests”.

Then on June 7, a U.S. District Judge dismissed the case against Iranian banker Ali Sadr Hasheminejed, accused of violating American sanctions by moving millions of dollars through the U.S. financial system for a housing project in Venezuela. Despite all the incriminating evidence against him and a guilty verdict, a “procedural error” left him free.

These are just three recent cases that show that the U.S. justice system is vulnerable. A system, which according to Humire has deteriorated thanks to the infiltration of foreign agents.

Joseph Humire, executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society (SFS), gave an exclusive interview to El American in which he revealed that the main enemies of the United States have succeeded in attacking the country’s “center of gravity”: the rule of law, and the unity of the American people.

The expert preferred not to discuss the specific judicial cases, but highlighted how the radical Left and foreign powers, such as China, Russia and Iran are managing to test the strength of the most free and powerful country in the world.

What is the status of the rule of law in the United States?

I think what happens in our country, is that we don’t realize that many of the problems we have internally, are actually exacerbated by external factors. 

Because of globalization the world is much more connected than we think, and we understand this in terms of international trade and commerce, but sometimes we struggle to understand this in terms of national security and that is something we have to change.

In the Military there is a term called the Center of Gravity, a concept used to analyze where the will and strength of our enemy comes from. America’s adversaries such as Russia and China but also our enemies like Iran and Venezuela do this same analysis on the United States to understand what our center of gravity is.

They [Russia, Iran, and China] realize that our strength comes from two things: our unity as a people; and our rule of law. That is why our Constitution says: “We the people”, because the strength of the United States does not come from the government but from our society.

Many come to America because our rule of law allows for a certain equality of opportunity for all people to live their lives according to their own decisions; a liberty that is being lost throughout the world. It’s not perfect, but overall it is better than most in the world and is a symbol used to defend the rule of law in America; so if that is understood, it makes sense that our enemies would seek to attack us on those two fronts.

They have sought to attack our rule of law and our social unity and that’s what we’re seeing right now. It’s not something that started in 2020, it’s something that started decades ago using propaganda, information warfare, infiltration and subversion to divide America and turn Americans against Americans.

I believe that we are entering a new phase where we see the direct attack with different methods where at the end of the day they have managed to weaken our rule of law and our unity as Americans.

When you talk about the rule of law being weakened, what do you mean in practice?

The rule of law is in different things, and in many aspects of our country, but at the local and national level I am referring specifically to the judicial system. The judicial system is made up of police, investigators, translators, prosecutors, legislators, and judges, people who write and defend the laws and protect the citizens, people who make sure that the laws are obeyed.

For some time now we have seen a brutal attack on our police, with some even going as far as to want to ‘defund the police,’ for example. If you take away funds or polarize the police or delegitimize them, there will be no one to enforce the laws, and when you loose enforcement, that’s when the autocratic measures come. If you superimpose legislation over natural law, you start to abuse of the law. I think this is happening on several levels: first at the local level with police, prosecutors and judges, but also potentialy at the federal level as well. 

“If you take away or polarize the police or delegitimize them, there will be no one to defend the laws, and when no one defends the laws, that’s when the autocratic measures come”: Joseph Humire (Flickr)

We have a problem of polarization where certain prosecutors and judges, which have normally been objective, become polarized and mix in their political preferences when applying the law. That starts with one or two cases and then it starts to grow like a cancer.

I think we’ve seen that, and it didn’t start with Trump, we’ve seen it gradually where prosecutors and judges start imposing their own politics and ideologies over an objective defense of the law.

But at all levels where the external actors come in, is in infiltration. This is mostly at the political level, with those who write the laws, but could also be at the judicial level as well. At the local political level, it’s clear to me that they are infiltrating, they are using every tool and method they have in espionage and counterintelligence to insert agents of influence, subversion, and destabilization, into our country.

They are managing to do a very sophisticated job of guiding local legislators and possibly prosecutors, judges, and police officers in their favor, thus violating our rule of law.

That is where I believe that Latin America is important to these foreign powers because, unfortunately, if there is one thing that characterizes the region, it is the lack of the rule of law and high-level corruption. Corruption is corrosive, it is a cancer that metastasizes; I believe that it has been one of the main tools they have used. Foreign powers, such as Russia, Iran, and China, use corruption as a method of infiltration in Latin America; and now it seems they have succeeded in bringing that corruption to the United States.

Let’s remember that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said just this year that there are agents and entities of the People’s Republic of China infiltrating the United States at the state and local levels. That is alarming; we are talking about a communist regime working at the local level, in various states, to infiltrate the United States.

When we talk about judicial cases, how do you prove that such infiltration exists?

I do not know exactly what happened in the case of the Iranian banker or what happened in the case of General Flynn where even though he was innocent he was still accused. I do not know what happened in the case of the Mexican defense minister but the judicial system has been very irregular in recent years. This is normally a job for counterintelligence services but when the DOJ and FBI’s counterintel assets dedicate upwards of $30 milion-plus in resources to a Russia hoax, it seems we are distracted. 

Trump had to pardon someone who was innocent, and when you have to pardon someone who is not guilty, it’s because something is wrong.

Who would be most interested in destroying the rule of law in the United States?

That’s where I think we need to focus. I understand that we are polarized, that’s how election cycles are, but when this is all said and done, in terms of the election, the conditions on the global stage are the same; America’s enemies have not changed.

I would say that the main enemies of the United States are four foreign actors, on top of that pyramid is China which is the number two power in the world, it is the regime that wants to make sure that the United States is no longer a superpower in order to occupy the number one position in the world and change the international system in its favor. China is advancing in all aspects, in geopolitics, in economics and in the military domain.

Russia, for its part, was America’s main adversary during the Cold War. Russia has never changed its geopolitical vision. They, as well as China, have made great progress in the military domain. These are two nuclear powers, and we have to fight them in an intelligent way.

And then there is Iran, which has been underestimated as a foreign power. Iran is not a conventional military or economic powerhouse, but in asymmeric force it is very powerful.  

For instance, Iran is not an Arab country, it is Shiite and Persian, and despite the fact that it is a minority in the Middle East it has been able to dominate two thirds of the Sunni Arab world. That shows you that they have asymmetrical ability and that ability is based on building and training local militias, exporting terrorism, high-level propaganda, using intelligence and counter-intelligence, all those aspects do not require conventional force. Iran has made a lot of progress in exporting its revolution.

I think one of President Trump’s greatest success was fighting Iran without waging a conventional war and aligning the Arab world and the Middle East against the Islamic Republic. The Middle East woke up and discovered that their main problem is not Israel but Iran.

“The Middle East woke up and discovered that the main problem is not Israel but Iran”: Joseph Humire (Twitter)

And finally, I put Venezuela, which is by far the most underestimated. To the average American, Venezuela poses no threat; to most Americans, Venezuela is simply a corrupt socialist country, another Cuba in South America. But that is completely wrong, it is much worse than Cuba. If Iran has made progress with its asymmetric warfare strategy in the Middle East, Venezuela has made the same progress in Latin America.

We are entering a dangerous phase where not only has the radical Left regained power in Latin America, but now new authoritarian regimes are coming in.

If we already know who the enemies are who have tried to violate the rule of law in the United States, then what do they want to achieve, what is the objective?

The goal is to remove the United States as a world power. Hugo Chavez said it and when enemies speak one must listen. Hitler said what he wanted to do, Stalin said what he wanted to do, Lenin and Mao said what they were going to do. Our enemies tend to say what they want to achieve but there are people who don’t believe it or underestimate it.

When Hugo Chavez said this, that we were going to see a Latin America without the United States, with a weakened and delegitimized United States, many thought he was just talking. I think that this is what the Bolivarian Revolution is all about.

What these authoritarian left-wing governments in Latin America seek to control is their population in order to hand it over to foreign powers who want to use Latin America to attack the United States. What they are attacking is the rule of law and the unity that we have as a country; it’s an asymmetric attack and it is working.

I think part of the confusion is that when you listen to what I’m saying, one might think that Trump is part of the problem because he is saying the election is rigged, the media is fake, and our system is corrupt. Some will say he is attacking the system and weakening the perception of our rule of law. 

But this is a confusion that must be corrected. There are people who prefer to ignore what is happening for fear that all this could be true and then they just want to close their eyes and shut their mouth and hope that things will change for the better; but this will not go away by itself.

My suggestion to them is that this is not going to change if we don’t fight it, if we ignore it – this is going to destroy the United States, and our foreign enemies will win.

It is not Trump who caused this. I do not believe you should blame the person who is talking about corruption; but rather focus on those that are allowing this corruption to take place. 

This is not just a political or legal fight, it’s a moral fight, and asymmetric wars are fought on a moral level. This is not about Democrats and Republicans. There are good Democrats and good Republicans, there are political leaders who because of their moral conviction would never consciously receive a payment from a foreign power or bend to the interests of America’s enemies, but this cannot be said of everyone, unfortunately there are also Democrats and Republicans who by proxy would be willing to make that type of transaction and that is what is harming us from within.

Do you think America’s enemies are winning?

Yes, I think they are winning. I have done thousands of interviews about Venezuela and Venezuelans have a saying that is: “I come from the future”, in a sort of premonition that the same thing will happen in the world as what happened to them.

They have already seen how this movie ends, they know that they have been betrayed by their own politicians and that if they do not keep fighting all will be lost. 

The fact is that this war will not be won just by ending the regime in Venezuela, it will be won when the consciousness of Americans, with a capital A, is awakened.

Most Americans do not understand that we were under a serious threat from foreign powers. This is not just about terrorist networks… terrorism is only a tool not a strategy. No one thought that we were going to be torn apart from within, no one was aware of this. When Americans realize that we are being attack by external forces, that is when our enemies will need to be careful. Because this is not a weak country. 

The United States is the only country in the world that successfully rebelled against an empire; it is one of the few revolutions that gave peace and prosperity to its people. When we realize that, Americans will make sure that China, Russia, Iran and Venezuela do not win.

Sabrina Martín Rondon is a Venezuelan journalist. Her source is politics and economics. She is a specialist in corporate communications and is committed to the task of dismantling the supposed benefits of socialism // Sabrina Martín Rondon es periodista venezolana. Su fuente es la política y economía. Es especialista en comunicaciones corporativas y se ha comprometido con la tarea de desmontar las supuestas bondades del socialismo

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