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Former DC Mayor’s Spokesman Leaves Democratic Party due to ‘Terrible’ Biden Policies

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Young Hispanic Victor Jimenez, who served as a spokesman for Democratic District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser, said that Joe Biden’s administration “turned him into a Republican.”

Jimenez, who resides in Virginia, starred in a viral video during the recent elections in that state, when he gave statements to Telemundo saying that President Biden’s “terrible” economic policies convinced him to cross-party lines.

This Wednesday night, Jimenez told Tucker Carlson on Fox News that his political switch was no small decision, as he had held important positions in the Democratic Party.

“The reason I switched parties is because of everything that’s going on in the country right now,” he told Tucker. “We see immigration through the roof right now, and that is affecting a lot of Hispanic families in my home state of Virginia, and those are people who are already struggling with making ends meet.”

For him, the illegal immigration crisis is one of the big reasons he decided to support the GOP in Virginia. “And I’m not saying we have good people try to come into the country with good intentions, but we also have bad people coming into the country with bad intentions,” Jimenez said. “People with illegal guns and drugs and people who are running from their law enforcement in their own country.”

The “new” Republican told Carlson that, being a Hispanic and black, he should be a “Democrat by default,” but decided to go “against the narrative” of the blue party in light of “everything crumbling.”

Jimenez said Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia represents “the beginning of the end” of the Democratic Party.

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