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17 Former Presidents Ask Not to Declare a Winner in Peru Until Electoral Challenges Are Resolved

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17 former presidents have asked not to declare a winner in Peru until electoral irregularities are clarified. The group Iniciativa Democrática de España y las Américas (IDEA) stated that the declaration is due to the fact that the difference between both presidential candidates is very small.

The information was published by former Colombian President Andres Pastrana. “17 former Ibero-American presidents demand that no candidate be declared the winner until all the challenges are resolved”, said Pastrana.

Furthermore, the IDEA group highlighted that both parties, Peru Libre and Fuerza Popular, have challenged voting records in the electoral process and therefore it is necessary for the electoral body to resolve the petitions of both parties in order to declare a winner.

Keiko Fujimori backs declaration of the 17 former presidents

For her part, candidate Keiko Fujimori shared the statement of the former presidents and said that, in her opinion, the elections are not over. “Important statement by 17 former presidents for Latin American democracy. The election is not over yet. We will continue defending the legitimate right of millions of Peruvians until the last vote,” Fujimori wrote on her official Twitter account.

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