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Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau, Believes Mayorkas Should Face Impeachment


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The situation on the southern border is still complex. The administration seems to be focused on other issues and, in the meantime, complaints from border cities are growing. In recent weeks, as a result of the buses with migrants that Governor Greg Abbott has sent to important Democratic cities, the matter has again attracted attention and escalated to the point that the mayor of D. C. declared a public health emergency due to the arrival of migrants sent from Texas.

To analyze this issue, Alfonso Aguilar, former Chief of the U.S. Office of Citizenship, interviewed former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau. In the weekly show Aguilar Opina, the former ambassador was forceful and stated that in view of the lack of compliance with the law that has occurred during the Biden administration, the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, should resign or face impeachment.

The former ambassador assured that the executive branch has the duty to enforce the law. “Congress establishes the law and the Executive has the constitutional responsibility to apply the law (…) They cannot continue working for the Government without doing their job, which is to apply the law,” Landau assured.

At El American, we have a clear position on this: we are Hispanic, and we defend legal migration and secure borders. From our editorial, we have clearly stated the arguments for why we believe Secretary Mayorkas is not doing his job. This conversation with the former ambassador to Mexico reinforces our position regarding the crisis at the southern border.

In the interview, Landau also recalled that in this country there has always been an agreement to protect the borders, but that this is no longer the case with the current administration.

“Never in history have we seen an administration that makes a mockery of the border and doesn’t do or even try to justify what the reason is for leaving the border unattended,” Landau said.

Landau added that President Biden’s policies are creating an environment where migrants can die, since, he said, they are “incentivizing irregular migration,” while what needs to be done is to “discourage that type of migration that is controlled by organized crime.”

The former ambassador highlighted the humanitarian drama being experienced at the border and affirmed that migrants are victims of human traffickers and of “the policies of the U.S. government that encourages this type of migratory flow.” In addition, he said that the left has promoted the narrative that they are the ones who have compassion and are interested in the welfare of migrants, but what they are really doing is encouraging them to take a dangerous journey through areas controlled by organized crime.

Landau highlighted that there is a whole system of organized crime that takes advantage of the increase in migration, there is also trafficking of children and women for sexual purposes. He concludes that a common-sense solution must be sought and explains that the United States needs labor, but that it is not about creating incentives for illegal migration. Landau argues that if the left has compassion, it should devise a system so that the labor force can work legally and enter legally and then return when their work is done to see their family.

Finally, former ambassador Christopher Landau gives a blunt statement: “We are going to cease to exist as a country if we don’t have a border.”


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