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Francis Suarez to Host Review of Cuba’s Criminal Regime” Conference in Miami

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The Miami Mayor’s Office will present next Saturday a “Review of Cuba’s Criminal Regime”, where the “crimes against humanity perpetrated by the regimes of Cuba and Nicaragua” will be analyzed in the current context of Latin America, with the attendance of congressmen from the region.

This was announced Thursday by Francis Suarez, mayor of Miami, in a press conference with Latin American congressmen who are members of the Hemispheric Front for Freedom, which joins during the event the International Commission Justice Cuba, “inspector of crimes against humanity of Castroism.”

“The head of the serpent in our hemisphere is Cuba, and we can, God willing, confront this serpent and defeat it, because what the residents of our countries are suffering is due to an ideology that is the worst fraud perpetuated in the humanity,” Suarez said in announcing the event.

The conference will feature several political figures from the continent, such as Costa Rican congressman Dragos Dolanescu, who is also president of the Costa Rica Justa party and secretary general of the Hemispheric Front for Freedom.

Also joining the event are Ricardo Godoy, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador for the Arena Party; Dominican congressman Elías Wessin, of the Quisqueyano Demócrata Cristiano Party; jurist René Bolio, president of the Mexican Human Rights Commission and of the International Commission for Justice Cuba, and Hipólito Ramírez, president of the Dominican Democratic Board.

“There is a serious problem in Latin America, in which the totalitarian communist regimes are supporting the change towards evil in many of our countries, they are attacking our freedom and our democracy by all possible means,” said Mexican Bolio.

“So, if they are doing it in an organized and concerted way, we have to react by telling the truth and denouncing what is happening,” he added.

The president of Justicia Cuba said that the conference “will touch on a very interesting topic this Saturday, that of the terrible massacre that took place in Angola at the hands of the Castro military.”

Dolanescu said that “in the Costa Rican congress, out of 57 deputies, 40 of us approved a motion to repudiate Daniel Ortega’s regime and we immediately ask for the release of (the journalist and possible candidate for the Nicaraguan general elections) Mrs. Cristiana Chamorro.” “Indeed, what is happening in Nicaragua is unheard of, what the Ortega-Murillo regime is doing is unheard of.”

Orlando Gutiérrez, leader of the exile organization Directorio Democrático Cubano, assured that “Saturday’s meeting is to unify efforts to condemn the repression in Cuba and give hope of change to the Cuban people.”

“We have congressmen from about 15 Latin American countries to save America,” Gutiérrez said.

The Hemispheric Front for Freedom was formed last March during a virtual meeting and is composed of politicians, several NGOs, former diplomats and academics from 15 Latin American countries.

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