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Francis Suarez Expresses Support for School Choice

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“Miami has always led on school choice,” said Mayor Francis Suarez to express his support for the project that aims to push funding to students instead of schools.

According to an article published by an El American editor, Édgar Beltrán, School Choice is a project that seeks to fund students rather than institutions.

The proposal is that a child’s education dollars should be for them to decide where to receive their education, that could be the traditional public school that children tend to be residentially assigned to, or that money could follow the child to a charter school, or to a private school, religious or non-religious. That money could also be used to cover the costs of homeschooling.

Miami Mayor supports School Choice

For the Mayor of Miami, supporting this project would be a way to help children develop their talents and be able to choose the institution where they want to be educated. “We believe that embracing and utilizing charter schools that integrate tech-focused education will generate the talent and the opportunities Miamians need to compete for jobs in the new economy!” Suarez highlighted on Twitter.

Suarez referred to an article he co-authored with Corey DeAngelis, director of School Choice at Reason Foundation. DeAngelis is the author and co-author of more than 30 articles on the topic and argues that public education funding should follow the student rather than the institutions to give families a high degree of choice in the education their children will receive.

“If a private school underperforms, it shuts down. If a charter school underperforms, it shuts down. If a district-run school underperforms, it gets more money,” DeAngelis said in December during an interview with El American.

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