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French Essayist Slams Time Magazine on the Prestigious Newspaper Le Figaro

Le Figaro

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Time magazine, once again, gave a lot to talk about for its choice of “Person of the Year.” They were, by the way, actually two: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

This didn’t slip anyone’s attention, followers and detractors -above all- criticized or praised the decision of the famous magazine.

But there was a special criticism, apart from the Biden-Harris election, and it was that of the French essayist Paul Melun on Le Figaro in France, who attacked Time‘s editorial line for its markedly Progressive and politically correct bent.

After the Biden-Harris duo appeared as the people of the year, another figure, this time French, appeared in the American weekly. This is Assa Traoré, a French “anti-racist” activist who became famous after her brother, Adama Traoré, died in police custody under circumstances still in dispute.

Adama Traoré has been to France what George Floyd has been to the U.S., and Assa Traoré, his sister, has promoted the narrative that the French system is immersed in systemic racism. And the latter, precisely, is what Paul Melun criticizes about Time magazine.

Paul Melun is a strategy consultant and essayist. He has just published, with Jérémie Cornet, “Les enfants de la déconstruction.” (Twitter)

“Assa Traoré is being used by Time and the American media as an ideological Trojan Horse to undermine French universalism and give credit to the idea of state racism in France,” it reads.

“While Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are named Time magazine’s cover celebrities of the year this week, another figure, this time French, appears in the famous American weekly. It is not Samuel Paty or the two French soldiers killed in Mali last September, but Assa Traoré, Adama Traoré’s sister, who has been named ‘Guardian of the Year’. The magazine paints a laudatory portrait in which the muse of anti-racism defends her cause and denounces police violence and racism in France,” Melun begins, in a must-read text because of the weighty clash between editorial lines.

Melun’s explanation is simple, but not for that reason vulgar, in fact, quite the contrary, it points with great lucidity at all the media and political hypocrisy that lies in America and is exported to the rest of the planet.

Critics on Le Figaro against Time magazine.

“If American media echoes and makes a heroine of Assa Traoré in the eyes of the world, it is not by accident. The American power, guided by its globalist and Progressive elite, wants to weaken France. Stigmatizing the ancient homeland of the tricolor is only one step in a global project that goes far beyond France’s alleged ‘Islamophobia’ or its state racism,” the intellectual states. Traoré’s choice as a martyr of racism and as a heroine of a xenophobic nation “is the result of a strategy designed to serve American interests.” That of the elites, precisely.

Time is burning, but so are the American elites

The leaders who impose gender policies in the name of social justice -as if that would help-, the Hollywood machine that needs to feed its ego by showing its fervor for the “anti-racist” cause, the globalist elites who embrace and promote the Progressive struggle in their propaganda while destroying the world behind the scenes, none escape Melun, and neither does the American Liberal media.

Across the Atlantic, Melun says, “there are always three converging interests that guide Progressive elites, and they are behind Time‘s election this week.”

The first for the essayist is that in corporate circles, whose leaders have an interest in aligning themselves behind the symbols of anti-racism. “Capitalist elites have adopted the cause of ‘racial minorities’ in the West as a diversionary tactic,” he stresses.

“The second are political leaders, mainly Democrats,” Melun says, arguing that they expect the masses to forget their unequivocal inability to help “the working classes or to respond to the great challenges of the 21st century.”

And finally, the third one, are those stars of the artistic and show business world, who seek in “anti-racism” a way to sympathize with a woke and pop culture audience that is conquering more and more space in the world. In so doing, they also seek respect and praise, because their ego -and image- needs them.

Regarding this last item, I would like to point out, Melun was able to give some mention to the fact that this woke culture of showbiz is also being introduced into the world of sports. Sports stars are buying into the discourse of “anti-racist justice” promoting political movements like Black Lives Matter and this will develop and deepen, I’m sure, over time.

“The sacred union of these three bourgeoisies in the service of their interests is expressed through the most powerful channels on the planet. The American media, after getting rid of Donald Trump, is now free to serve anti-racist ideology around the world. At the behest of these three elites, the American media is flooding the West with a new, unique way of thinking. Those who resist are punished, those who collaborate are on the cover of Time,” the strategist assures us.

The criticism was not even directed at Assa Traoré, who, according to the author, is a kind of scapegoat, “a pretext, an instrument at the service of the hegemony of Progressivism.”

“Globalized elites consider human beings to be interchangeable and want people and nations to be standardized. In this deadly paradigm, Assa Traoré is used by the American media as a Trojan Horse, among others, built to sow disorder upon the nation’s soil.”

Paul Melun on Le Figaro

Melun’s conclusions point to a paradigm that is beginning to be felt across the planet. Contempt for a sense of patriotism, rejection of roots, symbols, or anything special that makes countries unique. Of course, the author focuses on his beloved France, increasingly besieged by external enemies and infiltrated by internal enemies.

“This disastrous design is the result of a violent rejection of what France embodies in her roots and what makes her a unique nation in the world. Those who wish to harm her, both at home and abroad, are indisposed by her art of living, her taste for satire, her gallant tradition or her laicism. In the years to come, every pretext, every stratagem imaginable will be used to destroy French universalist culture,” Paul Melun concludes in his denunciation of Time magazine on the prestigious French newspaper Le Figaro.

Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón is a journalist at El American specializing in the areas of American politics and media analysis // Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón es periodista de El American especializado en las áreas de política americana y análisis de medios de comunicación.

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