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French Conservative Zemmour ‘Unhesitatingly’ Condemns the Russian Invasion of Ukraine: ‘It Is Unjustifiable’

Zemmour, El American

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French conservative journalist and presidential candidate Éric Zemmour issued a statement on Thursday expressing his “unhesitatingly” rejection of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, referring to it as an “absurd and fratricidal conflict” that has no justification.

“Last night’s choice of military intervention is unjustifiable: Russia was neither attacked nor directly threatened by Ukraine,” the writer said in a statement posted on Twitter. “We could have avoided this disaster.”

The French presidential candidate said that he did not believe that “Vladimir Putin would cross the red line” of invading Ukraine since, according to his position, a “peaceful solution” was possible. “The urgency now is to silence the weapons,” he sentenced. 

Zemmour challenges Macron: what should France do?

Zemmour also called on President Emmanuel Macron to travel “immediately” to Moscow and Kyiv in search of a ceasefire and the establishment of a peace mediation between the two nations.

“Today, only a France that fully plays its role as a balancing power can obtain such a result,” he noted in this regard and said that is what he would do if he were in Macron’s position. 

The controversial French writer believes that the Ukraine-Russia conflict will have “serious consequences” for Europe and for France’s national security. “This tragic situation confirms that a significant reinforcement of our national defense is imperative,” he insisted.

Later, at a press conference, Zemmour offered a statement in which he called on France to “restore balance in its relations with the United States and Russia” in order to be able to ensure a position of strength in Europe that would allow it to be heard as a nation.

He further said that “we are all responsible” for the conflict: “Russia, of course, is primarily responsible for what happened, but so is the West, for the continued expansion of NATO in Eastern Europe and its failure to implement the Minsk Agreements”.

In his speech he suggested that the pursuit of peace negotiations must involve “stopping NATO expansion” to end “territorial disputes” in Eastern Europe, promoting respect for the freedom and sovereignty of the countries involved, and seeking the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian border.

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